Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love and Rocket

            This was an interesting read; I actually found it pretty funny. This was about two women who are friends living in the same apartment complex who suspect their new, tall, sexy, female neighbor to be some sort of superhero. They laugh about it but come to find out that one of them actually is a superhero. She follows her new neighbor around and sees that she’s in an elite group of female superheroes, but that she is having trouble stopping a woman. This woman was granted powers, like the others, but she went crazy with hers. She became stronger and destroys much of what is in her path and nobody has been able to stop her yet. The new neighbor is frustrated because it is her job to stop her and the other woman, who is a heavier set woman, is slowing her down. They go their separate ways and the heavier neighbor teams up with her old crew of female superheroes.
            This reminded me of the Girls Fighting Comic I read earlier, but almost an updated version. Girls Fighting was very for its time and about women standing up, while Love and Rocket joked with a heavier woman superhero with a tall model superhero. They weren’t fighting men but another woman who had lost control. This was made solely for entertainment. It had a few funny moments and surprisingly didn’t have any nudity. Most comics I find have a few panels or some of some nude female but this one was kept PG. It was an ok read, after I read it I wasn’t blown away but yet I wasn’t disappointed either. It was good but not good enough where I read another or told others to go read it. 

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