Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girl Fight Comics

            It was pretty obvious this comic was from the 70’s. With it’s high-boot ass kicking, leather jumpsuits and big hair, and the destroying of men made it pretty clear this was written during a time when women were fighting for equal rights. I actually really enjoyed reading it. It was interesting reading a comic that was written for more than just pleasure reading. This was written to send a message to women to not be slaves to men and stand up for their rights. It was written in a way that either gender could read. It was definitely directed to teenage women because of its message, but it’s illustration of women in little and no clothing made it appealing to boys too. It’s an interesting way to get a message across, show explicitness so the boys will read it, or at least look at it. Foxy was a great character, the strong powerful black woman with the big hair, every time I hear someone mention a “foxy woman,” she is what I typically picture in my head.
 I was surprised how much text there was, most comics I’ve read this year were less wordy. Then again this comic was written to deliver a message in a fun way rather than just entertain.
They portrayed men in and interesting way. Almost all men were dirt-bags who deserved to get their ass beat or get their “mu’fukkin black dicks cut off.” The archeologists was respected by the tribe he found because he brought them gifts, but as soon as he brought the queen to America she didn’t care about him. The only man that the women really liked was the prefect man I the tomb. The group of female archeologists found a living man in a tomb and fought over him. They didn’t fight to study him, it was obvious they were fighting who was going to sleep with him. He died instantly when he went outside and one of the girls mentioned that every time you find a good man he belongs to someone else. This comic made guys look pretty bad but that’s really what it was about, women rising up for equal rights. 

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