Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Electric Dragon 80.000 v

            This was a great movie. It was filled with over the top eccentric loud electric guitar playing by a punk rocking, lizard loving, and young, Japanese man. This film didn’t need to be in color, actually the black and white made it better. Comic book movies are really popular right now in Hollywood and every year more are being made, but this film beats them all. Electric Dragon actually felt like a comic book. It was full of energy and the antagonist and protagonist were just fake enough to not be real people but were still able to go out on the streets during the day. Thunderbolt Buddha was an electrician with an obsession. He went to work in his costume because that’s who he was, Thunderbolt Buddha. He invented different devices to shoot electricity to fight others.  Dragon Eye Morrison really is a super hero, he gets electrocuted as a boy and now has fits of electricity in his body. He plays his guitar loud and crazy to control his electricity. Thunderbolt Buddha finds him and destroys his guitar, which angers Morrison and they have a battle of electricity.
            Many of the shots looked like a panel from a comic, with static shots of electrical boxes and the city. Director Gakuryu Ishii kept the flow and energy going and kept every shot important. Even the shots of Morrison wandering through the alleys kept the story going and built his character. Some of the Mange style films we watched this year were good, but I don’t think they compare to Electric Dragon. I could be biased because I am a photo major and greatly appreciate good film, but even the story and flow of this was better than the rest. 

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