Thursday, November 3, 2011


This was a really interesting way to read about the Holocaust. In high school I remember reading Night and watching Schindler’s List and reading other books and learning a lot about the Holocaust, but Maus was a completely new way to learn about it.
It was really interesting how the comic was about a man writing a comic about his fathers experience surviving the Holocaust. It was interesting how it showed the interview going on then showing what his father was explaining. The character design was really well done I thought, having the Jews as mice and Nazi’s as cats, everybody instantly knows that cats chase and kill mice so it added to the hate and depth of the story. Between the mice and cats as characters, and the fact that it is a comic, made it an interesting way to read about the Holocaust, it almost made it seem unreal. It was on a fine line between real and fake because of the way it was presented.
The relationship between the father and son and new wife worked well with the story. I feel like if everybody was a happy family then it would change the mood of the story too much and make the fathers story seem too fake. But the hatred his dad has towards his new wife really adds to the story because he is in constant mourning over his wife who was lost in the Holocaust, which is the story he is telling.  This was an interesting way to read about the same thing in a new way. Obviously the story is different from what I have read in the past, but the character change and format really made it interesting. 

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