Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Understanding Comics

            It was a relief to finally read a textbook that wasn’t a textbook. It made sense to make a comic explaining how comics worked. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking of my high school science textbooks, how they would have pages of text then a few small photos to illustrate what was in the text, I never understood what the hell was being said. The images were few and far between so a lot of it was left to my imagination, which isn’t good for science class. Usually imagination is good for comics, this book actually tells you its good, but for explaining the structure of them this more “black and white” format worked best. Every panel explained what was being told with simple sentences and images. It made it really clear and easy to read and understand. It was a long comic but I actually got a lot out of it, every page was something useful and the use of all the images made it more clear. I’m really glad we had to read this because I had no understanding of comics, now I have an understanding of different styles of illustration, how the panels are laid out, how transitions are meant to be filled with your imagination, and how sounds effects can be written. This book was really helpful, I need to keep referencing this booth throughout the semester to help me with our other readings. 

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